Horoscope everyday.... Do you read it?

February 9, 2012 5:44am CST
Greetings to mylotters, Some of us they want to read their horoscope everyday,every body wants to know about their day if good luck or bad luck, but for me i dont think it is true because i know one of us, we doing our fate in life, and we doing our good luck everyday, Do you think that horoscope that you've read it is true?and why?
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• Philippines
10 Jan 13
Horoscopes are fun! But I don't believe them. It's that they are fun to read. Sometimes they seem to be true
• Philippines
12 Apr 12
When I was a kid I was fond of horoscopes and I read them everyday, now not anymore. I've decided to trust myself in whatever the future will bring me. Each day we're faced with decisions and horoscopes doesn't have anything to do with it. It doesn't define our lives. We create our own days and future.
• Philippines
14 Feb 12
I don't search for my horoscope reading everyday. I read them only I have a newspaper in me because I don't believe in it. Those are just guides on how we live our life but it should not be taken seriously. Our life still works on the way how we see it.
@dodo19 (34311)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
10 Feb 12
I don't read horoscope at all. I really don't believe in horoscopes. I never really have either.
@marguicha (106333)
• Chile
9 Feb 12
I don´t belong to a culture that believes in horoscopes but in every newspaper there is one. I red them, but I don´t trust them. I think that the people who write them know as little as I do about them. Probably there are serious seople who do horoscopes, but I would have to look for them elsewhere.
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
9 Feb 12
I don't believe in horoscope like others.It just tend us to do what is written about the horoscope.I still believe in the free will of each person to decide on what's gonna happen to one's life.
@leinrix (489)
• Philippines
9 Feb 12
i never believed in horoscope because its not really true maybe sometimes just by co-insidence