What was the funniest thing you did when you got drunk?

@jethdale (156)
February 9, 2012 11:32pm CST
Long time ago, i used to drink a lot. it was one time that i was so drunk and i have to went home because i might end sleeping along the road. As i was lying on my bed very tipsy, I suddenly vomit. Well, since i was drunk, i just ignore it and went to sleep. the next morning, i was shock to find a carrot on my chest and some chicken meat. I just realize that my head was lying on what i had vomited last night. The other one was very unusual for me since i'm a shy type of person. I got so drunk that i ask my friend to take me a picture with the balot vendor. hahaha. I was hugging the vendor. We were like a perfect couple. haha
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• United States
17 Mar 12
Hmmm...well most of them resulted in me hugging the toilet and praying to the porclean god. So those arn't to funny I don't think. Well, maybe a little. Um one time I rolled around on the singing "I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk."
• Philippines
22 Feb 12
the funniest thing that ive done when i got drunk is that me and my friends are so drunk that we are playing... teasing each other and running around..we have this school party and we were on a some kind of resort a lake...our cottage was down below beside the lake...i came up all the way to the canteen to buy some more drinks..and i got tired of walking and taking the stairs or the right path.. so i told my friend we will make a short cut..so there is no stairs near our cottage i was trying to hold on to the plants.. but since its slippery because it rained a little i slipped down from the top down to the bottom..my butt hurts and my clothes are covered with mud but the the drinks that i bought was safe..no mud and it didnt break....
@victorkrish (1522)
• Malaysia
20 Feb 12
Sound funny when i got drunk, i just craved dancing. It is come automatically into me when the moments with friends. Sometime i and my friends will do sometime funny until others laughing at us. We just don't think it is act crazily that moment. I enjoy drinking but i don't smoke. The best part is i had get drunk for 5 to 6 hours non stop drinking with my friends. We are simply drinking and continue drinking non stop.