Tips how to keep a Relationship Working...Do you Believe that?

February 10, 2012 2:48am CST
Greeting to mylotters, I have some tips, how relationship working, actually this tips i've apply to my present relationship and its so helpful for us to being more stronger and happier.Please read it...... each other 2.don't lie 3.keep communication open 4.stay with 5.when you got hurt,just forgive and forget 6.never talks about break ups 7.never say "its ok" even if its not 8.forget about your PRIDE 9.If you say sorry, mean it 10.Don't talk about your stupid ex's 11.Dont compare about your past to your present 12.Give and take process 13.Be aware about his/her feelings 14.when you had a fight, dont let the day pass without being fine 15.Don't be the Perfect one,Be the Right One For you, In your relationship which numbers must be true when you have a partner to make your relationship must be stronger and working? and why?
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14 Feb 12
Those Tips are so helpful. It is not just a relationship as a couple but to anyone you love. All of them are true but sometimes, People are so different. It is impossible that all of this can be applied in a relationship.
@lekhya (819)
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10 Feb 12
Great discussion Heart! Thanks for the tips ans suggestion.Lets discuss further on each one: 1)I will love him,but can't make him to love me.I can only try to make him love me. 2)Its bad to lie but it is also good to lie.There are several instances where we need to lie to make someone happy.Otherwise our truth might hurt them a lot. 3)"KEEP COMMUNICATION OPEN",what does that mean? Do you mean that we should let the other person speak too and not be one-sided.That's absolutely right, i agree with that.Being one-sided,disturbs the other person's feelings.S/He might get disheartened if it happens several times. 4)Staying with each other in all circumstances of life,deepens the relationship.One should always be/stay with us to share our feelings.To enhance our happiness and to lessen our sorrows. 5)Forgiveness and forgetfulness are the essence of a true relationship.If u can't forget the mishaps u cannot enjoy the current happiness-es.If u can't forgive,u can never be forgiven.Both will steal ur happiness,if u can't. 6)Yes you are right,one should never talk about break-ups,it creates a negative impression in the other's mind.S/He might think that u are interested in them. 8)Going for pride will disturb our life and degrades our character.We need to adjust where ever needed. 9)Saying sorry,is not degrading oneself.Say it heartfully.Otherwise,Its a mere word without meaning. 10)Comparing or talking about our previous relationship weakens the current relationship very badly. 11)Trying to co-relate between the past and the present is useless because the situations and the persons are not the same.Its a simple waste of time an energy. 12)Its not always About taking,but one should also be ready to give in return. 13)Try never to hurt one's feelings,it disturbs them a lot. 14)Its tough doing this but u have to forgive and forget everything.Don't let time to decide everything.Never expect the other to cool u down instead u can take the first step. I feel all the above must be strong and working to make for a strong,never ending,intact relationship. There are some more which u can add to this list +Never depend on others for your work.But try to help others. +Never expect anything.Care a lot instead. +Never discuss about your partner's weaknesses with someone else. +Never point out at his realtions(like father,mother etc),even if they are wrong. +Build hope and trust.
@Mashnn (4503)
10 Feb 12
Most of them may work very well in maintaining a good relationship while a few of them are not practical especially in the modern world.
@chiyosan (30091)
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10 Feb 12
oh thank you for this... :D i think though it may be helpful but then it is of course case to case basis.