Something odd when I watched DN Angel... shounen-ai issues

@Aja103654 (5658)
February 10, 2012 9:02am CST
Recently, I have been watching DN Angel again. I have missed quite a lot of episodes and I have forgotten most of those I got to watch, so there. In that anime, Daisuke, the main character was paired with many girls. However, his first love interest, Risa, was a very annoying and whiny girl who is crazy about his alter-ego Dark. But I like Risa's twin named Riku. There's just something about those tomboyish types that I admire. It's sad that many anime girls are like Risa, the damsel in distress that relies too much on the main guy to help her and pretty much useless in the series. I won't mention names, though. I think girl characters like Risa make people get bored with hetero pairings and so they find shounen-ai more interesting. I'm no yaoi fan and I don't approve of it, but I have no right to judge and condemning people for liking something that I don't like. Everyone has their own preferences. But... something strange. When I see a scene with any hint of shounen-ai, I would immediately skip that part or watch another anime. Yeah, I remember the time back then when I bought an anime dvd that I thought was about a hetero love story which turned out to be.. not hetero. It was actually a shounen-ai. I mean, what the heck! The dvd cover totally fooled me. Tsk, tsk, you can't judge a dvd by its cover. What I saw on the cover was a boy hugging what looked like a girl(which,I later found out, was actually a boy) who was holding the boys arms so this person what I thought was a girl covered the chest part. Without seeing the chest part formation, I can't tell the gender at all. Imagine my face when I played the dvd in the living room with everyone. The first scene was... rather awkward and suggestive. And the two characters were boys so I panicked and searched for the remote quickly to turn it off. Anyway, back to DN Angel: Daisuke was paired with Hiwatori. Maybe that was his name, I'm not sure. In the anime, the pairing was strongly encouraged by the girls in the anime. It was so funny! Especially the episode where Hiwatori did CPR on Daisuke. And that was the first shounen-ai thing that did not repel me. So I wondered.. Have I gradually become a shounen-ai fan without realizing it or Is it just that I have gotten used to these kind of things?? I need a proper diagnosis! As I told my friend this(with a very depressed face), she totally laughed and told me that it was as if I considered being a fan of this as a disease. No offense to shounen ai fans. To me this is really unusual. Maybe someone can explain this phenomenon to me. Maybe I'm starting to mutate? evolve? change?
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@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
11 Feb 12
I use to love that anime and manga when I was kid back in grade 6! I found Risa annoying too, Riku was way better! I kinda sensed that there was a bit of guy on guy in there but it was innocent though, implied but not clearly shown. I actually quite like the pairing of daisuke and the kid with the glasses satoshi. Well, DN angel was intended for girls and I guess generally, girls like guy on guy stuff, like how guys like girl on girl stuff so some shounen ai implications were thrown in there to appeal to the female readers I guess. Guess you're becoming more comfortable with it, when I first saw shounen ai I was like Ew! But eventually, I didn't care anymore.