earthquake and JS Prom

@Cutie18f (9564)
February 10, 2012 5:33pm CST
Just very recently, in fact it was only last week, a very strong earthquake hit our city and other parts of the province. Roads, buildings, and lives had been wrecked as a result. In our city though, the damage is just minimal, limited to a few cracks in some buildings. Now in our country, February is the season of holding Junior and Seniors prom. Students had been so looking forward to this, their gowns and tuxedos are ready etc. The coming of the earthquake was unscheduled. One private school here which had been celebrating its JS Prom very lavishly had thought of canceling its video coverage this year to keep the prom simple because of the earthquake. What do you think of this? Should schools in our province cancel the prom because of what had just happened?
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@Mashnn (4503)
11 Feb 12
I think cancelling it would not be right things since life has to go on no matter what happens. It would make more sense if they would just have simple form of prom.
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@Cutie18f (9564)
• Philippines
12 Feb 12
I am there with you.
• India
19 Apr 12
In your country earthquake is so common, i have experienced it during my stay there as a visiting professor in 2004, well they can't be predicted well in advance, so that preventive measure should be taken.. i think it is better to cancel the prom as safety measures.. Have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. .
@marguicha (84006)
• Chile
15 Feb 12
I live in the country with worse earthquakes as far as magnitude goes. And even though I am afraid of earthquakes, I think that life must go on. We live on a planet full of natural disasters. Yet we manage to survive. I think the way to do it is by keeping it simple, out of respect for people who suffered damages.