What do you think about Samsung Wave Bada OS phones ?

February 11, 2012 3:00am CST
Of late I have been using some phones like Wave 2 running the Samsung Bada OS . One thing which I feel about them is that they are more stable than Android and their User Interface is better . But they lack apps . What do you feel ??
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• India
12 Feb 12
Yes i accept that Bada may appear to be a bit more stable but i still would prefer a Android phone over it. Android has got many advantages over BADA.. There are only few apps available for BADA whereas there are millions of them for Android which certainly comes out to be handy. Also as Android is Open source the ability to root it and customize it the way we want is another plus point. Cloud computing, Synchronizing ability, Frequent updates and improvements and overall a better user experience makes Android way better than BADA..
• Indonesia
11 Feb 12
I first heard of this operating system, can you explain more about this operating system? I really want to know!
• India
13 Feb 12
bada is actually an operating system developed and used by samsung on is wave range of smart phones . It is relatively new os and has limited apps . That's what we are talking about here .
• India
11 Feb 12
Till now i am not using the Phone. In my usage i am only use the Symbian os. But i had hear the best one is Now Android, technology improve daily basis now. So may be lots of Operating system come to over this configuration all at all. Non stoppable Science.
@mauve02 (133)
• Philippines
11 Feb 12
I also have samsung wave 2 and a samsung that runs an android. I have also observed the same that wave is more stable than android. It is also true that samsung wave has limited application especially on themes and games. If only Samsung will make more available applications then it would be better.