People who never listen.

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February 11, 2012 9:57am CST
For me, when someone tells me no, I leave it at that. I do not appreciate when someone I don't really care for does not acceopt no and tries to get what they want. You have someone who is a jerk the first time you meet, them, the second time you see them, they aske you out. You tell them your seeing someone and they do not listen to anything you say. They will take anything thye please. They do not take no for an answer. Those are they people that EVERYONE NEEDS TO STAY AWAY FROM! The jerk forced me to take his phone number when I told him no. I threw it out. To me, jerks like him really do not care about anyone. All they care about is getting their rocks off and being disrespectful and two-faced while they get what they want and then tell you good bye!
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@Micmac (9808)
11 Feb 12
People who never listen are not compassionate; they seek to be one sided, self-centered and are not open to hearing others' opinions. Sad, that they condemn a person for not agreeing with them and show no toleration. If this guy cannot understand that you are seeing someone else and don't want him, and he treats your rude, he is acting weird and has a big problem. Don't put attention to him and he will leave you.
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12 Feb 12
Ego is a big problem for some people; they either have one that's too big or too small. This is how I see it: If hisego is too big, being turned down makes him realize he is not as great as he believes himself to be. In a small amount of cases a person has an ego that is too small. If this is the problem, he is probably just trying to work on his self-esteem by approaching women and acting like GQ smooth. Unfortunately he comes off too strong and makes himself out to be a jerk. These men need to find balance. Either way, no means no. As my mother used to teach me as a child, accept no gracefully.
@admozz (11)
11 Feb 12
Definitely. Those are the type of people who do not take into account what one has to say, they think they have the privilege or the right to decide things and do stuff the way they want. Totally not worth it.