TSA and the paranoid United States

February 11, 2012 3:54pm CST
You know what I hate about homeland security? The fact that they make mountains out of molehills. This week, I came home from another country, and I was waiting at the carousel. Then, the drug dog comes around to me and the guard tells me that the dog's detected something. Then, I realized that I had an airline food sandwich left over in my bag, and the officer decides to send me to a double check. Everything was fine, and it was a serious waste of time - all just because of airline food. I saw another discussion in this interest section about a similar story of a young man who got held up at a TSA airport just because he had a drawing of a western gun on his bag. As I said, mountains out of molehills. Respond if you had similar experiences, and happy MyLotting.
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11 Feb 12
The only problem I've ever really had was I had gotten the headphones from the flight attendant on my going trip and put them in my pillow case then forgot about them. Going through security on the way home they had to run the pillow through the xray twice because they couldn't figure out what the headphones were. And in doing that they lost my boarding pass... Then on another flight, I asked for the ziploc bag to put my liquids in and the lady at the podium just waved me through, said I didn't need it. But I have heard about some pretty crazy things happening in security. And the dogs aren't supposed to be alarmed by food... ummm it's a dog. Duh.
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20 Feb 12
Well, I guess it was looking for "fresh" stuff, you know, perishable foods...