I am going to miss my friend's birthday party and my friend is angry at me

@Porcospino (15754)
February 11, 2012 7:27pm CST
My friend is angry at me, because I am going to miss her birthday party. As I wrote in another discussion my husband is going to take course in another part of the country and we have decided to go on a mini vacation that weekend. We found a small apartment in that town and decided to stay there. We made the resevation and paid for it and two days later we received my friend's invitation in the mail. I explained the situation to my friend and told her that unfortuneately we wouldn't be able to go to her party. Since that time she refuses to talk to me. I understand that she is disappointed, but I think she is overreacting. I feel bad that we won't be able to go to her party, but we didn't do it to hurt her. She is celebrating her birthday in the first weekend of March, but her real birthday is in the middle of March and I never imagined that the party would take place in the first weekend of March instead of the middle of March. What do you think about the situation I decribed?