@ntony9 (491)
United States
November 21, 2006 1:05am CST
Do you agree on banning cellphones while driving?
3 responses
• United States
22 Nov 06
I think if you're just going to be on it for a short second if someone calls then it's alright, but I know that some people drive for hours and hours on end and never get off of it. There's a law in Detroit now that you'll get a ticket if you're on your cell phone on the highway in Detroit. Which I don't think is a bad idea, cause Detroit have pretty crappy drivers. People do ridiculous stuff while driving, such as reading the newspaper (yes, I have actually seen someone do that, makes me scared for my life), or typing on a computer. I'm like, are you people crazy?
@smughal (1027)
• Pakistan
21 Nov 06
ya i agree.. it is the cause of so many accidents.. or if possible they cud make allow using it with head phones.
• Canada
21 Nov 06
Yes I agree with it. Because it causes lots of accidents everyday.