RainingCashEmail, Legit or SCAM ?!

@taomoney (649)
Hong Kong
February 12, 2012 5:04am CST
Well, if you still remember, I did ask a month ago. A few week ago, I post that I get paid. A week ago, I post, I buy a affiliate page because of discount! I paid 12 USD for half year, with the discount, my page will last for 18 months. It seems not bad, to promote, I made my own PTP and write a script to keep unique IP and rotate with other link to keep track, I place my rotator in Traffic Exchange. Then the site owner set my account to zero and call me CHEATER! Every message he said is very rude to say that I am a CHEATER. Then I provide the IP and the TE domain, owner say he/ she will not believe them. Finally, I find out the reason is I can only buy Ads to place in the PTP like donkeymails but not my own rotator. Then I remove the affilite page link in my rotator. And find out that they deleted my account. I ask why I remove and still delete my account. I got a reply that I still cheat. Every time I ask what exactly the cheating mean? I never get a direct answer but just copy and paste answer. Just like asking paypal's customer email, everytime is just copy and paste the term! You may said I break the rule, well, I really don't understand why use place AD in donkeymails will not break their tracking but I place in my own rotator similar to donkeymails will break the rule. Anyway, when I only promote that Affiliate page, they cut my account.... haha ... ... I feel I got cheated with my 12 USD! OK! Fine! I know I should never pay money in online earning! This time I was LURED by the discount! A little tips if you also want to buy an affiliate page, for affiliate page, there can place about 5 PTP links. Here is what I get daily from those PTP send out via my affiliate page in RainingCashEmail. ValePTR 0.55 PTP, 0.0017 Donkeymails 0.5 PTP, 0.001125 no-min 0.5 PTP, 0.001125 howlin-mad-cash 0.4 PTP, 0.0015 Fast-PTR 0.4 PTP, 0.001142 Total: 0.006592 per day! That is 0.19776 per month! I need to pay 12 USD for 18 months, that is 0.6 per month! Even they don't cut my account, I still loss 0.4 per month! Beside, they have a page can click all the click for contest PTC, affilate banner, that means member does not need to go to the affiliate page to click those link. That is ... ... no one will visit those page if you are not promoting them. The affiliate page in ValePTR, will get around 100 click for each banner and help to display 100 times that is 0.02 already! Finally, I may be wrong but I am not a Cheater and I feel angry someone keep saying that I am a cheater! the owner just keep saying ...you cannot earn from the affiliate page alone. Indeed, I do not understand what is cannot earn from the affiliate page alone? Is it stated in the terms?!
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