February 12, 2012 7:40pm CST
hello friends...i love cakes but the sad part is that i dont know how to bake one. can any of my friends please help me out in telling me how to make a delicious cake for which i will be utmost grateful to you. thanx in advance and have a nice day.
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• United States
13 Feb 12
I cannot give you an exact recipe as I make my cake from a box mix typically and I stock up on those when they are on sale for $1. Otherwise I would advise you to go to and put in the type of cake or what you would like your cake, I'd pick the highest rated of the type and be sure to read the comments. You can also look for the web pages for brands of flour and other items related to baking many of them have recipes, just make sure it's a rated recipe. GL!
• India
13 Feb 12
hello friend thanx a lot for your response.I am surely going to see this site and try to make cakes. thanx a lot. have a nice day
• United States
13 Feb 12
When reading your response I noticed an error it's supposed to be Sorry.
@NailTech (6890)
• United States
27 Mar 12
Cakes are not that hard to bake, you just need some practice. There are a ton of different sites and ways to make them. You can buy them from a mix or make them from scratch. I have done both. I prefer the box as it can be less messier, as well as easier to handle and quicker. But if I want to make some cakes I have to do them from scratch. Find the recipe and just go from there, thats all. Read the instructions on the recipe, there is a way to do everything.
@shadjee1 (604)
• Philippines
5 Mar 12
I love cakes too. I have no idea on how to make one before but I went to a site called joyofbaking ... The site contains a lot of cakes, cookies, breads you can try. I have already tried carrot cake, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip, chocolate cake and so far my family loved eating them. SO i can say I was successful. Don't worry the instructions are easy to follow. Good luck on your baking!
@Yheart (497)
• Indonesia
13 Feb 12
There are lots of sites which can give you recipes for free; from easy to difficult; for beginner to advanced; they have various kind of recipes from many countries. I own some books of recipes but I can't give you a recipe here since I can't copy and paste (it's too long to be written).
• United States
13 Feb 12
Go to the store and pick out one that looks good to you. read the instructions right there in the store and buy what you need while you are there.