energy conservation

February 13, 2012 1:14am CST
With every passing day our requirement on the energy equipments is increasing . i am sure many equipments used can be handled in a better way for energy conservation . one of the most significant steps today is china placing a ban towards incandescent bulb . china is going to replace 1 billion bulb in five years .
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@succeednow (1636)
• Singapore
16 Feb 12
Hi sbpersonal, Yes the energy requirement per person is going up each year. Human beings are consuming more and more energy these days. If we don't make a conscientious effort to conserve energy there is not going to be enough fuel to produce the energy we need. I think China's approach towards banning incandescent bulb and to be replaced with energy saving ones is a good idea as far as conservation of energy is concerned. However, some people prefer the 'warmth' and "color" of incandescent bulbs and so may be forced to accept the less "desirable" energy saving bulbs. Of ocurse they could buy from other countries but it would be more expensive.
• Brazil
16 Feb 12
As time goes by, we get better machines that save less energy. I just love how we are always getting better in making brtter things. Take automobiles for example. Today, a 1.0 liter car made can have more energy an save more gasoline than a 1.0 liter car made a few years ago. The tendecy is for this cycle to get better and bigger. I beleive we will soon have tecnologies that do wonders in exchange for pennies of money.