Chocolate - a Food of Theos

February 13, 2012 11:53pm CST
A race with well-known presence about 2400 years back on the piece of land ranging from the present Vietnam to Afghanistan and working for developing human civilization had its most favorite food obtained from a tree called Cacao, also known as Theobroma in Latin meaning 'Food of Theos'. The word 'Theo' is now translated to mean 'God', making this food as those of Gods. This new translation has two malicious purposes of making the people to believe in existence of God - indeed, a phantom to misguide people, and to delete name of those great Theos from the history of humanity. Any way, let us come back to our topic. Chocolate is a derivation of Cocoa obtained from Cacao tree seeds found in its fruits wrapped in a paste from which Cocoa butter is obtained. Chocolate is still one of the most favorite foods of people all over the globe. Some statistics may elaborate on it - 1. The coming Valentine day alone is expected to witness a sale of chocolates worth 700 million Dollars on the globe. 2. Every year, about 90 billion dollar worth of business is carried on through Chocolates. 3. Demand of Chocolate is soon going to outstrip its supply. So, friends, move fast to grab your piece of chocolate.
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@hunibani (720)
• Philippines
14 Feb 12
I personally don't like chocolate. But lately I am starting to get addicted to it, because my boyfriends enjoys it a lot and every time i see him eating I get hungry and I want to be like him HAHA. So now I love chocolatesssssssss It has antioxidants, and I think endorphin treats!