Love those who love you

United States
February 14, 2012 12:53pm CST
Love those who matter to you. Family and friends. When you find the right person for you, Show them as well as tell them how you feel. Do not get involved with someone who is not capable of loving you. In life, everyone get what they give. You treat people with kindness and respect, you get that back. Life is too short as it is. What everyone gives is what is given back. You need to be careful who you have in your life. Tell someone you don't love them, do not tell them you do when you don't. Life is precious. People are precious too.
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15 Feb 12
Love is a important point of every one's life. everyone want that his/her should be true and transparaent to him/her. but in today's world the meaning of love is physical relationship. mostly people love to other only for physical relation. once the requirement fulfilled they started to search other partner. it should not be happen in life, we must be transparent to our partner bcz today if we are dicieving the other some time we may also be dicieved.
@vimal1990 (116)
15 Feb 12
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@succeednow (1636)
• Singapore
15 Feb 12
Hi desertrose16, It is rather easy to love those who love you. Yes, relationship among human beings needs to be developed and sustained. Don't ever take any relationship for granted. Each individual has his or her emotions, thinking and feelings. We need to work hard to have wonderful relationship. We should be alright if we do what Confucius said: "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you." This concept should also work for people whom you do not like at first. Have a good day.
@airasheila (5459)
• Philippines
15 Feb 12
a pleasant day desertrose16, what you have written is absolutely correct. that, we must love those people who really matters to us. that we must show them the real feeling that we have inside our heart. hence we cannot tell or predict what might happen for tomorrow. that although we have our plans but there is no guarantee that we can still work for it. and, really life is too short so we must spend it wisely and to the best of our ability. yet it is not worth to waste our time and other people's time as well. cheers and have a nice day.
@yanzalong (10202)
• Indonesia
15 Feb 12
I love people, especially those who love me. Human beings have been created to love and respect one another. Why should we hate one another? How beautiful life will be if we all love one another.
@deodavid (4150)
• Philippines
14 Feb 12
Hi there desertrose, Hello, hope you are having a blast on mylot today, i believe that people should be loved even if people don't love you back as much as you do, in my opinion you give love and no expectations to be given love is something that you give for free and not something that has some kind of repayment clause. But i do suggest love those whom love you more.