anyone been devistated by a parent?

United States
February 15, 2012 5:05am CST
Ok heres my story an i really have no clue what to do sorry if its long!!! ok so i grew up daddys little girl he could do no wrong in my eyes. in actually quit speaking to my mother for years cause of all the awful things she would tell me bout him i never believed her. when my grandfather died he left me his home with 2 acres. my dad owns a trailer that sits in the middle of this were he has a right to life on this .33 acre on my 2 acres. ok so i was raised by him an my stepmother who i called mom she was wonderful long story short after 17 yrs she kept makin these claims he was all this an that theyd come to my home an fight i was always tryin to make the peace an in the end she made herself crazy for real an up an never came back with my handicap sister.this broke my heart an my sons. i grew closer to my dad after that. During all thi s my husband stepped up an started takin care of the property on his iwn phisically an financially. he started complaining about the mower getting busted cause of my brother an dad driving in the yard ruttin it up. so i said about it nicely no change if anything worse. they have used the back yard as a trash dump we paid to haul it away for them to do it again. then my brother started parting eith his friends ay night keeping us up ehen we have to work so i said something got worse. I sold my truck to my dad cause he needed one all he had to do was take over the payments..he didn't pay it so it ruined my credit. not only that he moved a young girl in a month after my stepmom left which proved he was cheating. she had a slew of young kids...which was a issue with people helping themselves to my yard an sons things without even asking. he borrowed 50000 off my best friend whos husband died sn never paid her back spent all the money on this girl an she left him. not that they were a thing they were just friends is what he told me...yea ok. so there was a few more issues of drugs an alcohol. we got into a huge explosion cause i wouldnt let him take my son with him an his new friend...after theyd been drinking all day an i new she was a pill popper an he told my 4 yr old son he was leaving an never comming back sn it was because of me... then the 3rd friend moves in she tops the cake. Thier electric was shut off an i caught them stealing mine. never asked. they party an carry on in the drive way once again. now i hear my dads sick of her an so he took a job away which is what he does. finally weeks of no sleep i go outside an someone drove off the dtiveway over our well day they drove over a railroad tie into the ditch an onto the road i thot they may have damaged our colvert. mind u we pay for everything. so i was nice an of course im the jerk an am hard to live next too. he also proceeded to say this is all my husbsnd causing all our trouble. calling him names sn blaming him. he said hes done with me for good..which ive heard many times over the last 8 yrs. i spoke up told him my husbands a good man an anyone else woulda left me by now an i refuse to allow u to do this to us anymore. im done with u making me miserable. i was raised to respect my parents...but i lost my real step mom..him an now im hearing he's tellin everyone my husban is a he could careless if he drops over can someone wish that apon thier child? My husband has bern so good to them sn they treat him like crap. there is so manythings i cant mention cause its already too long...but hes costed me my life i been miserable for 8 yrs an its caused problems in my marriage im so so tired an i cant get thru to him what hes doing to health is now failing im on 32 an am experiencing mini strokes.i csnt take it anymore but im stuck here dealing with it. ive offered to buy him out he says ok then avoids me for months...i can't sell without just stuck an miserable........
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• India
15 Feb 12
Thank you so much for sharing your story in great details here, welcome to mylot, at such a young age of 32 you have suffered a lot, i am so sorry to know this, you must stop thinking negative and avoid stress.. you should consult some lawyer about selling the property.. Professor
• United States
15 Feb 12
Ive been tryin to b respectful cause i was taught to respect for religious i think bottling it up all these years has now taken a tole on me physically. i been thinking of goin to church an askin my pastor how god would want me to handle this....but its been 11 or 12 yrs scince i been to church cause of work...
• Pamplona, Spain
14 Apr 12
Hiya cash4, Very difficult to advise you in all this you have been through. Is there no one you can talk to and get their help? Could your Doctor not suggest where to start so you can get help to get back on your feet again in some way and then think about making major moves when you feel much better. It is not easy for you to avoid stress I just hope someone or some people that can help you as you need a lot of it can come into your life and help you in every way that they can. I would seek professional advice with depression as it can be hard to handle along with everything else that has happened. Say if you had a good group of Girlfriends to be able to go out with even if its only to walk something like that distract you all you can and see things in a better light. See I donĀ“t know you but this is what I would try to do being stuck in that kind of high stress situation. Keep taking the medication of course but sooner or later when things get better you will be able to leave it. Wishing you all the luck cash take care