am i lucky

By erjn
@erjnsimon (1191)
Makati, Philippines
February 15, 2012 8:23am CST
every thing has its own consequence. From good to bad. Then bad to good. . .first we had a practicum in pe but we failed. We need to retake the practicum and yes we passed. But the consequence is i failed on two exams in physic. Such an important subject. Secondly, i pass a new exam in physics yet i failed again in physical education. . .i am disgusted on the results for pe. I hate having a failing grade. . . It is ok for me in physics though it is a major subject unlike physical education..
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@digidogo (446)
• Philippines
16 Feb 12
Are the subjects PE and Physics related? If they are not they you need to do harder in Physics. PE is just physical and it relates to your body. Just put in mind what you need to do for your practicum in PE and I do not think you would be having any difficulties unless you have a physical disabilities. Then if you are a student, you would have to take into consideration other subjects. Make a better schedule or start cramming if it is nearing the end of classes.
@mammots (3273)
• Philippines
15 Feb 12
luck does not have anything to do with your studies. you need to devote most of your time to doing your assignments and research and you need to concentrate on getting good grades. don't rely on luck, you have to work hard to get the best grades in both your major and minor subjects. think about your parents to inspire you to achieve more in school!!!
@sayo13 (414)
• India
15 Feb 12
if you ask about my view point then i would say that as far as studies are concerned "luck" have very negligible role to play. it is all your efforts and dedication and the hard work that you have put to it to have fair marks and grades. We have a tendency to considered ourselves lucky when we get whatever we want in our own way.but when that does not happen we blame it on our luck. well i am not saying that you are wrong but it better to control your own luck by gaining more confidence on what you do and how you perform. Best wishes.