MyPhone T23 Duo WiFi Review

MyPhone T23 Duo WiFi - MyPhone T23 Duo WiFi front view.
@chardyme (1633)
February 15, 2012 8:46pm CST
I'm actually satisfied about this phone though I was not really expecting too much from it but it gives me satisfaction especially in listening to music and watching movies in it. I was actually surprised that this phone can read AVI files unlike other hitech mobile phones. Though I still need to convert my AVI files to MP4 format because I wanted to store more music and movie files in my 2GB miniSD. Oh by the way, miniSD is not yet included upon purchasing this phone. The music quality is great! Taking pictures and capaturing videos is clear as it has 2MP camera in it. The WiFi is working well, I just don't know why staff from SM can't make it work when I was purchasing it first from them and I ended up buying it from its MyPhone booth within SM Sta. Rosa too. Anyway, I thought I need WiFi functionality but I ended up not really using it even if I am riding a bus with WiFi. You can also install some Java games in it, downloaded some in but not all of the games I have installed worked, it also have pre-installed games but to they are all in Demo mode and it says you still need to download the whole game. There are also widgets that you can place in the screen if you want to fill your screen with widget, I haven't really explored all the widget here and was just happy with "Sheep & Butterfly" widget in my screen to which this Sheep sleeps, eat, look around the screen and there is a butterfly that keeps passing by. One thing that I don't like here is having a hard time typing text messages in QWERTY mode, I think the key was small or perhaps my finger was just big to fit each keys here. I always end up pressing "O" when I wanted to press "P", the "L" instead of the "backspace". It was really a Filipino inspired phone because the back cover of this phone have Philippine map in it and have various design/color, mine was blue. It also have prayers in it which was a really Pinoy because we are commonly religious but actually I am not, hahaha. Overall I am really satisfied in this item, it keeps me accompany when I am travelling to work and back to home. It actually gives me the opportunity to watch movies that I have downloaded that I haven't been watched in the house. I actually 1 movie per day using it, that is around 30-45 minutes riding bus going to work and back home. More importantly, it gives me something to do while waiting for my company shuttle to pick me if I missed it and have to wait for another 30 minutes in Forbes Park. So how much does it cost, I bought it for only Php 2,888.00. Just don't know how much it cost now after a month, hehehe. Super affordable right? And I was able to support our own brand! Amen to that!
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