Why is it hard to play LINKING PARK?

February 16, 2012 11:07am CST
I have attended many small concerts but have never seen any body trying LINKING PARK. I have seen bands playing DEATH METAL but no body has ever tried LINKING PARK.
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@artauxeo (287)
• Philippines
17 Feb 12
i think every band can perform or cover a linkin park song. what makes it hard to perform is because Shinoda owns the loops and mixes. he don't sell those. if not for shinoda, it'll be as easy as doing a greenday cover. if you don't own shinoda's mixes, you can't play it like what's it supposed to be. and in my own opinion.... good metal bands won't cover a linkin park songs. they play songs that they like, and not the song that the crowd likes.
• India
17 Feb 12
Sorry i couldn't understand. can you make this "shinoda" n "greenday" a little clear,plz? Bands should play according to the demand of the crowd, ryt? What good metal bands do so den?
@winston90 (296)
• Romania
16 Feb 12
Dude,first of all its "Linkin", not "Linking". Secondly, have you ever listened carefully to their albums? Absolutely all of the songs have a great quality, and this isn't just me saying it because I like Linkin Park, but many people say it. All of the songs are very difficult to perform, that is why I like them.
• India
17 Feb 12
Yeah! I certainly i agree with you. It may be pretty difficult for bands to play LINKIN PARK(I mark ur words LINKIN nt Lnking :-) )!
@michil (14)
• Bangladesh
16 Feb 12
i saw a linkin park concert......its really rocks
• India
17 Feb 12
That's really great of you! You might have had a blast really!
@nahtan09 (140)
• Philippines
7 Apr 12
I dont really think that their songs are hard to play. For me, the reason why they dong get to many band covers is because they have turn - tablist. Most of the bands out there are only composed of the usual parts suck as the 3 guitarists, the drummer, and a vocal.
@denovly (65)
• Indonesia
2 Apr 12
like linkin park
• Brazil
5 Mar 12
I think it's hard to do a "cover" , it's because a cover needs to be "equal" to original , but if do a "version" you put your style in. Linkin Park is easy to play (for me, guitar), but high-speed raps, and scream by chester is a little hard, and eveything needs to be in the right place, volume, feeling, it's hard to find some good "cover" 'cause they're unique (thank god =)).
@azi1147 (21)
• Philippines
20 Feb 12
Must be the quality of Chester's voice, since they can't copy him that easily. You knew for yourself that his awesome. As well as his co band mates.