Gripevine trying to help your complaint to certain businesses

United States
February 16, 2012 8:11pm CST
When you do business with some companies, or visit a business, you might felt mistreated by those businesses, or you might even have stomach full of gripe against their service attitude or products they didn't work up as they suppose to. There were more than dozens of social media that you can express your gripe against those businesses, or you can even picketing on the side of street against them. Now, there is one website stands out, which might help your solve those gripe, and anger, and direct your dissatisfaction against them directly. Try, and they can help you with it. We just can't keep silence on our dissatisfaction anymore. That is how capitalism work. If they can't help us solve the problem, we just have to find a way to work it out on our own.
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