Celebrating the New Year (Daily Musings)

February 17, 2012 7:14pm CST
Another year had come to pass and a new one has come in. The past year, with its own ups and downs, had taught us great lessons that we can use in our daily lives. The laughter shared, the tears that were made us strong and human. All the small smiles that came our way had somehow lit our dreary existence and made our days. Others may have come a full circle while others struggle with the harshness of life. What have I learned the past year? 1. That all sacrifice has its own rewards. We just have to be patient to receive it. It may come as a surprise and arrive when we least expect it. 2. That being happy does not need to be always tangible. When we are content with what's happening in our lives and we are at peace with ourselves and others, it's enough. We have loved and may have lost, but life goes on. We can stand up from falling and can pick up the broken pieces of ourselves. With the new year, I have started building my goals. But I'm still carefully identifying these goals. Weighing which ones are the most important to the least. However, the most important thing is... I'm happy. The year ended with me smiling and I was surely smiling when I greeted the new year. Life is so good!