Finding a good vet seems to be a question of luck!!

@Reyachan (589)
February 18, 2012 3:33am CST
Hello, myloters! I thought log and hard about starting this discussion, because i don't want to discredit the doctor profession in any way, but lately my trust has been seriously shook in these professionals. My cat was diagnosed 3 months ago with diabetes. Nothing untreatable, of course, if only the vet had given us a treatment. Instead , she gave us food for a proper diet and vitamins. There were a lot of tubes and pills, so we thought it was treatment. But the kitty kept loosing weight and feeling bad, so we took her to another vet, who told us those weren't treatment pills, but fortifiers and we need to start her on insulin in a couple of weeks if she doesn't respond to a pill she was going to give us. Two weeks later, she was on holiday, so we had to get her to yet another vet, who told us none of the things we had received to that point was a cure, and the other two vets probably wanted to get her on insulin, because it costs enough to ensure them a nice, steady income. The result? The third vet tried her best, but my kitty was too weak so there was nothing she could she died 5 days later. How can people that are suppose to love animals turn them into a profitable business?? They didn't even warn us about the consequences of not treating her faster. How do you, myloters select your vet? Have you ever encountered such monstrous people? And how can we stop them from ever practicing so that they never hurt another animal?
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@wittynet (4131)
• Philippines
21 Feb 12
Hello, Reyachan! I am sorry to hear your sad story. I know how it feels. I am not aware how because we never consult any vets. Yes. We have three dogs and two cats. None of them experienced being treated by a vet. They weren't our first dogs and cats. We had a lot. But because we can't afford vets, we're not consulting any, and in our culture, it's not acceptable to bring our pets to vets. Yes. It's so funny but it's true. Just last December, I noticed that our dog Cassandra has been having difficulty in breathing right after few minutes of playing. She loves to run, and runs as fast as she could. After less than an hour, she seems so exhausted. But this is never an issue to my parents for they'll say that they can't even consult good doctors for themselves. I think the best thing that you can do is to ask help from the last vet that you consulted. Tell him how you can file a complaint against these vets.
@Reyachan (589)
• Romania
29 Feb 12
Hello, wittynet! I'm sad to hear about the way pets are regarded in your country. It seems like the survival of the fittest rule still applies there. Personally I believe that once to take an animal to care about it ant supply what it needs, it already becomes a member of the family :) Because it's a life and life in general is precious, weather it's human or animal. I really hope your dog gets better! As for affording a vet, I know, services can be pretty expensive and normally, if a pet feels good, there's no need for a vet (except for the 2-3 mandatory shots) But once a pet starts feeling ill, it really breaks my heart seeing it like that, especially since they can't talk. Their look then says more than 1000 words and if that happens ,I try to do my best, even tighten the belt a little and squeeze some cash to take it to the vet. I hope if you do take Cassandra to a vet, you'll find a better one than I did. If she gets tired easily, it might be heart problems and that is pretty important! So good luck and let me know what happens! :)
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