Jesus is the door to Heaven.

February 18, 2012 5:08pm CST
Jesus is one way to Heaven,we people need to know about where you go after of your death physically ,and spiritually where will you spend eternity...? Each of us will face death and appointed to God once to die..Heb 9:27. There is life after death because the Bible said we are appointed to God once to die and there is Hell.. Now the good news is that Jesus is the only door to Heaven ,He is the key.In order us to enter God's kingdom you must be saved first or born again.Need to be born spiritually. Need to have new life in Christ through repentance,faith/believing Him alone to save us.Luke 19:10 Jesus came to save you,and died for you..Eph 1:7 we have redemption through Jesus.. And if we realize it,repented and believe Jesus ,must accept Jesus in your heart as a savior in your life..John1:12.. God once He gives you life eternal He do promised to give you salvation with no ending because He is the real God.. Thank you for reading and have blessed day to all... I love all my lotter's in here have a great ,clean heart every one..
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@deedee328 (1127)
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19 Feb 12
Jesus is the Only door to Heaven according to the Bible. I love you too. Thank you.