what's your best way to learn ?

February 19, 2012 4:36pm CST
hi dear fiends ! in my opinion the best way to learn is to read a lot ,watch news , read newspaper , but to be honnest after a while , it becomes boring and you get tired of those habituel methods , so in your opinion what's the best way to learn and never get bored ? have a nice day
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@lynnes75 (443)
• Malaysia
23 Sep 12
Well, reading is a good way to learn, it's also the most common way, and never gets old. But if reading gets boring after a while, you can do something else : OBSERVE. It's what I do myself when I can't read another line, i just put down my book and observe : the people around me, the situations, the happenings, and try to deduct ala Sherlock Holmes the whos, the whats and the whys. This I actually ind interesting to do! Hope that helps :)
• Philippines
16 Mar 12
my best way to learn is to read, and read, and read, and read... because for me reading is the best! some of my knowledge doesn't really come from my teachers when I was a kid, i often self-study and read a lot... that's why, reading became my hobby and now my passion... i love reading and i enjoyed it a lot.. because thru reading, i learned and discover new things. :)
@dazzledlady (1619)
• Philippines
1 Mar 12
For me the best way to learn is to interact with people. They offer information of various topics even in a normal day to day interaction. But be wary not all we hear and see are facts . Learning takes place when you verify and validate the information you gather. Because if you dont, you will be spreading rumors and lies and can be sued for that.
@samar54 (2456)
• Egypt
28 Feb 12
I agree that reading is learn you many thing , you can learn from people and thier experince too
@grasyia (29)
• Philippines
20 Feb 12
I think now a days one of the best way to learn something is thru internet.