Family talks and cooperation

February 19, 2012 7:57pm CST
Yesterday, I visited the family of my colleague and found all members of the family talking with each other freely and minutely about their experiences of minor nature. This is a waste of time to discuss everything with each member without a purpose, in my view born out of my family tradition of elders and juniors talking very little with each other. This keeps the high regard to the elders in the family. But, I am now compelled to think on the intra-family talks seeing the cooperation the colleague's family member provide for each other. For a professional interest of my colleague, his wife cooked food for over 20 persons, his mother offered him money for contingent expenses, his father accompanied him to the work to oversee his work, and two small kids accompanied him to serve the professional guests expected at the site. Undoubtedly, the event was a success and credit goes to the family members who cooperated for their mutual free annd frank talks with each other, I think. What do you feel, my friends, about this way, and what is the tradition in your families?
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@sjvg1976 (18404)
• Delhi, India
20 Feb 12
Hello Rambansal, I have a joint family that means we all brothers and their families and my parents live under one roof so we do talk to each other daily and share our experiences almost daily and i feel i am fortunate that we all are living together otherwise these days people don't like to live with their parents after mariage.
• India
20 Feb 12
Aha, you have a dream family life, a rare thing now a days. Please keep it up for people to pursue such a family life, if some day in future they need it for happiness.
@emmanola (482)
20 Feb 12
One of the most important things in life is good family life. Persons who grow up in stable, loving and cooperative family tend to do well in life. However, not all of us will be so lucky to come from such homes. The good news is that, we may help to create such homes if we make effort and are so passionate about it. An atmosphere of openness, love and understanding where forgiveness flows freely is necessary, however. We have to be quick to point out that good and open family life may be a hindrance sometimes. Some persons may be hindered from pursuing their dream just because other family members do not seem to agree with their decision. We all need to know when to get close to our family members and seek their help, and when to "sail away" alone.