have you ever had one?

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February 19, 2012 11:51pm CST
2 years ago when i was 16, still young and thought i could take on anything in the world i was at a party drinking and having fun with some friends we were all partying because the school year was finally over and we were excited to finally be out but things got out of hand and i thought i could impress everyone with how much i could handle so i grabbed the tall bottle of Bacardi Gold 151 and just chugged it and 5 minutes not after that i was beyond wasted and couldn't see straight, so i sat there at the party for a but feeling wasted and smoked a few bowls of marijuana and left back to my house within 10 minutes of making it through the doors of my house i was in the bathroom on the floor puking and begging to stay alive... i knew what was happening cause during the school year in personal growth the teacher told us how you would feel if you have a really bad case of alcohol poisoning and that was complete sickness to the stomach and really nauseated and can barely walk. as i sat there puking nonstop for 15 min i fell over and blacked out i remember bits of it when i was discovered in the bathroom on the floor when my sister tried waking me up.. it was sad i had everyone in that house crying for me and my sister didn't know it was alcohol poisoning she though i was just really sick and then my dad seen me.. he ran for the phone and dialed 911 right away and within 5 minutes the ambulance was there and i was rushed to the hospital with BAC of .55 during the ride there i couldnt tell reality from death i kept seeing a light ahead of me but couldn't tell if it was the ambulance light above me or just me seeing the light "everyone" sees when they're almost dead but then i remember the EMS kept telling me to stay up and then when i finally blacked out the last words i heard were in panic and they told the driver to hurry and the doc said if i wasn't there within 15 minutes i would have just died on the spot. i woke up 2 days later in the hospital with my family standing there disappointed in me but happy to see that i pulled through ever since that night though i will never drink straight Bacardi anymore i now only drink once a month and only stick with weed. this was my near death experience now what was yours? till this day i still think of it and never want it to happen again.
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27 Feb 12
when a very drunk idiot decided to drive and weed is just as bad grow up