How to prepare IELTS test ?

February 20, 2012 11:52am CST
Could you tell me how to prepare IELTS test? Thank you ^_^
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• Istanbul, Turkey
27 Sep 14
If you get prepared by yourself you need find a god book and find someone who can proofread your writings. You can use the new insight into ielts book and cambridge exams. They are all available on the internet. and also there are many useful internet sites as well. You need focus on the strategies. This is my website: Unfortunately it is in Turkish but there are English many sites like this.
            IELTS Materyal Ofisi A Guide to IELTS READING Test (Tanitici bilgiler, Altin Kurallar) (YENI) A Guide to IELTS LISTENING Test (Tanitici bilgiler, Altin Kurallar) (YENI) IELTS WRITING TASK 1 Organizasyonu IELTS WRITING TASK 1 Örnegi ve Degerlend
• Philippines
27 Feb 12
For the speaking test, try to make friends with a native English speaker in your area. Or you can try to make friends with them online and chat with them. The important thing is you can get your message across. For the listening test, try to listen to some English audio tapes with recordings of discussions about getting some directions, instructions on how to carry out a task or a conversation of a buyer who wants to haggle with a merchant in the market. Some also say that watching English TV shows (or news) can help you. For the writing test, try to furnish yourself a copy of the previous writing tests given in the actual exam. These will give you an idea of the types of writing tests you will have. For the reading test, do the same as in what's mentioned above in the writing test. If you can furnish yourself a copy, try to simulate an actual exam and follow the allotted time. Just make sure that you also have the answer key to your questionnaire so you can check your answers after. Lastly, come on time on your exam date. You don't want to be cramming as this will result to you in losing your focus. Good luck!