Best laptop out there for?

United States
February 21, 2012 7:13am CST
ok i've come across a few posts on the net about people asking what is the best laptop or netbook for gaming or office work or so on. i've come to the conclusion that there is no laptop out there that is best for gaming besides alienware and most people dont want to pay $2000 for that. so they think second best bet is Hp, wrong hp was mainly built for office and work use and gaming on it too much can fry the motherboard to quick and same with Acer too. my advice to all of you looking for a gaming computer is buy a custom desktop mine only cost $700 and it runs everything.(: what are your guys opinion on this?
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@GokuKid (55)
31 Mar 12
I would build my own PC since you can choose the hardware going into it, and put in the correct amount and you don't have to pay for that stupid extra software crap they put on it, good computers imo consist of having good processor and RAM and a not too heavy O/S running on it, only one the machine can cope with.