A little inspiration goes a long way...

February 21, 2012 8:24pm CST
When I was younger (I'm still young though), I write a lot-- stories, poems, songs, essays, etc. During my elementary and highschool days, I was the go-to person if one ever needed a love letter, or if someone needs to write something on a greeting card, or if there is a need to compose a new song. Writing was my passion and I was hoping to rekindle that passion. So, these past few days, I have been writing a funny love story which I posted online for my family and friends to read, like, comment, critique and share. The funny thing is, I seem to be getting support from people I don't know, and not from the ones I was expecting support from. Somehow it makes me feel like those who know me aren't interested at all. It may look like I'm over-analyzing it, but when I dissect how things are right now, I find that those I care about just might not have enough interest to inspire me more towards a goal... any goal, not only in writing. People close to me, family or friends, like talking to me about their experiences, adventures and misadventures. When it's my turn to speak, they suddenly have something to do, or a meeting to attend to, or they feel sleepy, or they suddenly feel hungry. It's the same when they show off something they did good at, but when it's time for me to show my work, they all of a sudden become uninterested. It's quite uninspiring. I do feel bad, and sometimes I feel like not pushing for my goals. I know that some people would say that it's best to think of doing things for myself, and not for others, but no one can deny that a little inspiration goes a long way. Do you find yourselves in such situations? Do you feel alone in your journey through life?
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