Did anyone in your life made you feel worthless ???

February 22, 2012 4:42am CST
If No, GREAT... you are blessed and if yes its time to share it, get out of denial and finally let it go.
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@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
6 Mar 12
To be honest in my case? YES OF COURSE! But I don't like to enumerate them who they are because it is already understood. Though I forgot on where to start a story. I can't remember a simple incident that make me feel this way.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
1 Mar 12
Once or twice, I'm pretty sure that in the past, there have been someone who has caused me to question my self worth. But you know what it is just one of those things where a lot of people are going to question you but there should only be the opinion of one person that matters. That is the same person that really looks right back at you each and every day in the mirror. That person is in fact you, the only person who should be judging your self worth. There are just a lot of people who feel the need to really stir up a lot of problems. To stir up a lot of trouble to really cause a lot of people to question and to doubt most of everything right in their life. Of course, a lot of people don't know what they are talking but they are going to really make it sound oh so convincing. It really can bring many tears and much frustration, but time to really let it go. Time to realize that the opinions of other people are insignificant.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
24 Feb 12
There is indeed someone who just make me feel that i'm worthless.But however,only yourself who can tell your heart that you are great and therefore you should be confident.My parents are the people who encourages me and i love them so much.Yeah,just like what you said,get out of denial and just let it go.Do whatever you really wanna achieve.You'll gonna make it.
• Lenox, Georgia
22 Feb 12
Absolutely. My parents have made me feel worthless at one time or another on and off my whole life. They still don't think I will ever amount to anything in life. They don't approve of the man I married either. They don't think I am a strict enough parent. Pretty much to them I do nothing right. It is hurtful but Im not here to please them I am here to please the Lord.
@vt689586 (585)
• India
22 Feb 12
yeah sometimes my dad made me feel worthless and it hurts me a lot.because they over expect from me.and sometimes they don't want to understand my problem.and just tell me the things that are they wanted from me. well it is good that they expect from me but when they never appreciate any of my work then i feel very worthless.and don't understand what to do.
@almond24 (1250)
• Hungary
22 Feb 12
I would say there are not people but rather situations that make me feel sometimes. I could blame the people for it, but I think it really depends on how I react to them. But yes, there are people who just love to make others feel worthless, call them names etc., that is what makes them feel strong, and seems like that is what they get energy from. I try to avoid those people if i can.
@Hanki007 (34)
22 Feb 12
Well my answer is Yes but at the same time i cant share by feeling because of data protection policy :D How about you mr Soul why dont you share your feeling with us .
22 Feb 12
yes, and what's worst is that it is my father who makes me feel this way.. i don't know! he keeps on forcing or demanding us, my siblings, even my mother to do such thing and if we don't do it the way he want it to be, he will insult us like we are not his family. he always, as in every time, let us feel that he is in control of ourlives. it's very sad to know.
@totor_53 (223)
• Philippines
22 Feb 12
There are a lot of times when i myself felt of being worthless but most of this scenario rose from other persons. I usually feel that way when that person whom i trust would tend not to give attention to me or would not give importance to me.
• Philippines
22 Feb 12
My answer to your question is a yes... And its hurting, sometimes i said this is just out of my insecurities but not they let me feel it often times. Sad to think but yes its true...