last song syndrome.just can't help singing the song I've heard 1 week ago.. _

February 22, 2012 5:34am CST
One thing by One Direction.. WTH.. that song is always on my mind.. hahaha.. Everytime I connect to the internet.. and open a tab of youtube.. I always type that song.. all day and all night.. I've been hooked to that song.. hmm.. I think I should search for another song to sing.. haha.. any suggestions?? share it to me please.. thanks!! :) i'm just sharing.. :)
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@ecaron (678)
• Canada
25 Feb 12
Sometimes if I hear a song several times it sticks in my mind and I find myself humming or singing it without realizing that I'm doing that but it's my mind telling me that I like the song and until I heard something different it won't let it go. I enjoy music and should listen to it more often, I suppose.
• Philippines
26 Feb 12
I also love music. It relieves me whenever I'm down and stressed. However there are times that I keep on hearing one song only and trying to memorize it as much as I can.But sometimes when I tend to memorize it already, that's the time I get to be bored singing the song anymore.. Anyway, thanks for sharing something.. It was highly appreciated.. :)
22 Feb 12
how about the other song of one direction which is the song entitled "What makes you beautiful"? it's really cool and it makes me go dancing. but for me right now, the song that always linger on is the song "super bass" by nikki minaj
• Philippines
25 Feb 12
Thanks for the comment and for suggesting songs for me.. I am not singing that song anymore. My busy days helped me out.. :) Thanks for dropping by.. Have a good day!! :)