Do we only care about others when they are dead or dying?

September 4, 2006 2:27am CST
I recently found out my Aunty/Foster mum was dying of cancer. I havent seen her in thirteen years or talked to her for two.She has three weeks to live and its weird how much it hurts.I always thought there would be time and oppurtunity to catch up when my life has turned out the way I want it to.Now that I know I wont have her for very long I suddenly realize the wasted oppurtunities.She is going to die and I will move heaven and earth to be with her now unlike befor when I was to self involved to care.
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@skittlez353 (1404)
• United States
28 Sep 06
I`m sorry to hear about your aunt. We just recently found out my father-in-law is in the same situation, but he has more than three weeks but we are still in the same area with that. It`s best to be there for them while they`re dying and care the most so they die happy with family and not just thinking about the cancer.
26 Sep 06
We realise the true value of something when it’s gone, we expect everything to be there forever, even when realising this sometimes it’s too difficult to grasp the realism. Try to apply what you feel now to other people in your life and you'll be doing her proud.