Why so many?

@ecaron (678)
February 25, 2012 12:01pm CST
Why are so many people getting cancer? It's really sad because I bet everyone in the world knows of a least one person who has it or had it one time or another. Maybe it's our lifestyle or the environment or what we are eating, could one or all these things. All the money they collect with various fund raisers these days they should come up with a cure and not just pills and harmful radiation and chemotherapy and so on. All that poison kills good cells along with the bad in our body and I don't like that because some people die anyway because their immune system breaks down, how can it not when your good cells are killed off with the bad. I know a few people who battled cancer fortunately they survived and are doing well now. I am saddened every time I hear of a death due to cancer because maybe all cancers are not avoidable because of our environment or things not in our control. If you want, please share your thoughts on this difficult subject, my lot friends!
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• United States
7 Mar 12
Maybe we can start with our food. Maybe we should tell our farmers and dairy farmers to stop using chamicals. Chamicals that are harms to our bodies. Why can we go back to the good old days. Where we can grow our fruits and vegitables naturally and taste much better because they were organic. We can also tell big mining corporations to stop dumpping their chemical to the river that flow to the sea. That way we can eat better fish. Maybe and maybe, we all can have less harmfull chemical in our bodies. I have known few people who had cancer and decided not to have chemo. The reason because they did not want to have more chemical in their bodies. they changed their diet, became vegan and as a result, there are cancer free and still continue with their vegan diet. I am a vegitarian no meat or fish but still eating eggs. Hopely, this year I can become a vegan. Cancer runs in my family, and lost my mother and an aunt from breats cancer. I hope with my vegan diet I could have healthy body.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
25 Feb 12
I have a feeling it is the contemporary lifestyle most of the people have nowadays causes cancer rate to spike in present world population. With all these processed and refined food contained various kinds of carcinogens added into our food chain by food manufacturers and end up inside our stomach from store shelves, all these pollutants we breathe into our lung from the surrounding air emitted by present day technology, all those chemical wastes manufacturers releazed into our atmosphere and water sources, all these radiactive emmission we have to go through when we go to hospital for a check up, the X-ray from body scanner whenever we board a plane, it is not very surprising after all why so many people are getting cancer and the rate continue to rise with steep gradient every passing year.