why smoke to joke with your life "girls" ??

@sayo13 (414)
February 25, 2012 2:45pm CST
well its nothing new to us that what are the harmful effects of smoking and what kind of consequences we can face in our life. Men and women have their similar problems out of smoking like lung cancers etc. But few consequences are exclusively unique to women and its consequences are more dire and fatal. Women body is more prone to the disastrous effects of smoking like smoking cause the risk of infertility , premature menopause, chances of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease,lot of risk in pregnancy.. Is it that much necessary to joke with your life like this?? Everyone want to live and live happily then why people need all this stuff to keep them going and mentally supportive. these kind of stuffs are never viable in life and we should try to make our lives better for us and for the people who love us and do care for us. Happy mylotting!!
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• Southend-On-Sea, England
4 Mar 12
I can't understand why younger people start smoking now that the health risks are known, but some of us (like myself) began smoking at a time when it wasn't considered to be unhealthy, anti-social or dangerous. For a lot of people who have been smoking for many, many years, it is virtually impossible to stop - even if they want to - because of the extraordinarily powerful addictive properties that smoking has. Not making excuses for smoking, but maybe trying to throw light onto why some people continue to do it, despite knowing the harm it's causing them....they probably really want to stop and maybe have tried very hard on several occasions, but just can't.
• United States
1 May 12
Yeah the risks are put out there about smoking. But many young people want to fit in and be liked by their peers. Yes smoking can be difficult to quit when a person has been smoking for years. It takes a lot of will power and determination to quit.
• Philippines
26 Feb 12
I really wont smoke.For those who do that,they are just wasting their money and their life will suffer...
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
26 Feb 12
Yeah! Smoking is really bad but I don't get why some young people smoke! What really ticks me off is seeing young people smoking, because most of them are doing it for the popularity, the peer pressure and getting "skinnier". Most teenaged girls want to look skinny and good looking so they smoke to become thinner. I don't think it really works, it's just making your health worst. My Dad smokes but he doesn't smoke all that much, it's the people who smoke like a packet a day who concern me a lot. Sometimes we say oh I will quit eventually, but when will that happen?
• United States
1 May 12
Yeah it really is bad to start smoking to try and fit in and be popular with others. Usually though that is how most bad addictions start out. Young ones especially are having a hard time with peer pressure and not wanting to stand out as different or being considered not cool. Yeah smoking causes individuals appetite to change and many young girls find this appealing. It's sad to see so many young ones getting caught up with smoking. And most of the time people start experiencing health problems before they decide they should quit.
• Ireland
25 Feb 12
As someone who spent most of their life in school being bullied, when I moved schools and fell in with the popular crowd, who all smoked, I took it up to 'look cool' and fit in, I have no problem admitting that. Now, just over 10 years on, at 27 years of age I'm still smoking. Smoking does harm to everyone's body, I don't think it's fair to differentiate between men and women to be honest. I will quit, when I decide to quit, or alternatively, when I start trying for a baby or when they reach €10 per pack - whichever of the three happens first. I'd say the €10 mark could happen first, they're already €9.05 for a 20 pack of cigs at the moment!