a better day

United States
February 25, 2012 6:50pm CST
today is an improvement. my daughter went with me to work (which she's done in the past) so we were able to get work done a little faster. we went to get groceries and a i recieved a phone call about my pictures being in. (i've had those disposable cameras for so long, i was praying that the film hadn't messed up.) some of them were, but a good 85% were good and just looking at those pictures brought back so many good memories. that really put me in better spirits. i was able to show of pics of my son to his gf without him being able to stop me. :-D i think that helped break the ice between her and me. then i was able to pay off my daughter's class ring finally. hubby and i set her up. i told her that dad wanted to talk to her. he started to lay down the law about her grades and having a bf (in which she's not having any problems) so she was looking at him like he lost his mind. then he gave her the box. she opened it up and her expression was priceless! it was great to see her smile so big! unfortunately, it's not the right size, but i kept the paper work so i can get it resized. but she don't care. she's happy to have her ring. so overall, today is a good day. i wouldn't trade it in for any other day.
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