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February 26, 2012 4:34am CST
I was happy that i didn't put on weight during the lunar New Year vacation as usual. But after less than a month i'm more fat than before,i think the main reason is that i eat too much sweets and snack.The summer is coming so i must give up these bad habits.I know it's not easy but as a yong lady we must keep fit and beautiful. DO you think so ? And do you have any good mathods to lose weight?
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• Philippines
9 Mar 12
aside from the disciple like diet and exercise, i take a japanese pill that can control my apatite and help me to burn fats fast, and by the way im selling those kind of pills if you are interested you can just PM me. and then i also do pilates and eat fruits and veggies and white meat, cause you still need to eat something even if you are trying to loose weight in fact eating less can make you feel weak and tend to make you loose weight slower, and base on by nutritionist advise i need to eat small portions every 4 hour to make or help my metabolism faster.
@yxinxin (466)
• China
26 Feb 12
Hi,lishun! I think it necessary to quit the habbit of eating snack that is rich in fat or shugar. That will lead to your getting fat. Being fat is harmful to health. You'll surely look slimmer by reducing your snack and doing a lot of exercise. Good myLotting!