Mouse swum on the bathtub

Pasay, Philippines
February 26, 2012 8:06am CST
While I went to my parent's bathroom I was shocked that there is already mouse swimming on the bath tub. I just stare on it first thinking what I can do. I am about to take picture of it or even a video but then I just called my dad right away to help me what to do. We are really laughing when have seen the mouse surviving itself. But then my dad just caught by using something, well I don't know how should I call it but it is like a scissor shape but of course it is not the sharp one. Then my dad asked me to kill that mouse which is I find it disgusting because I could imagine the smell if the mouse is being killed. I mean even in just imagination I tend to vomit already. So we clean the water right away and to avoid the leptospirosis.
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