The treatment of the lower class by the wealthy, is it fair?

United States
February 26, 2012 12:11pm CST
I read today through msn an article from a newspaper called huffington post about a wealthy banker choosing to only pay 1% to his waitress and then leaving her a written tip on the chack advising her to get a real job if she wanted more money. Do you think that the wealthy take advantage of the lower classes and see themselves as better people then the rest of us? Is it right? What would you do if you found youself in the waitresses position?
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@Vrilya (128)
27 Feb 12
If the story is true, then I think the bankster was an arrogant twit. Banksters don't actually produce any value at all, they create fake money from thin air and loan it out at high interest and gamble with it. The waitress at least is doing productive work in the real physical economy. His advice was incorrect as well, nobody gets rich working a job, he should have told her that if she wanted to get wealthy, she should create some assets that earn income for her. I don't think you can generalize about wealthy people any more than other group, yes some of them probably have giant egos because they are good at shuffling fiat paper around and think they've made it to the big time but many of them have started businesses and services that provide jobs and produce things of real value in the physical economy..
@mgzg11 (139)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
26 Feb 12
One thing I know for sure, money can't buy a manners and politeness. Unfortunately, I'm living in country where lot of people get very rich, very quickly in last two decades, and lot of them showing it in worst possible way. About this story of waitress, I know exactly how it feels, since I worked as restaurant waiter on cruise ships in U.S. Most of the people were nice and polite, but some are just using chance to take their frustration on someone else. And people in public services are usual targets, since they have to be polite with everyone. I had traveled a lot, and saw people that were absolutely poor, but enjoyed more in life than rich people who don't really have a life, since all they do is running after more money.
• Canada
26 Feb 12
There are certainly many people who would act like this just because they are wealthy and they think that because of their wealth they are superior to others. Money cannot buy you happiness, maybe that waitress is a lot more happier and content with her life than that wealthy banker. So, I don't think it is fair the way they treat people like this...
26 Feb 12
high class people, you are lucky because you are lucky but could you please use it in the right way, in the right manner?? you have all the things that u need if we talk about material things but it does not mean that you already have the right to do bad things to your OWN brother and sister. brother and sister in a way that we have the same GOD.
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
26 Feb 12
I think that there is, and always will be people who think they are better then others, regardless of their income bracket. What the guy did was certainly not right, and I am hoping by the publicity the article has gotten he will retract his statement and go back to pay the waitress her dues. He chose to go to that restauraunt instead of eating at home or perhaps going to a higher class restaurant, and so he can only really expect so much. I am sure the waitress did a wonderful job and should have been awarded as such. It's not easy work, and most people realize that and award their waitresses accordingly.