memoirs of my first alcohol encounter

February 26, 2012 6:47pm CST
all of us drinks alcohol. for those who do not i do not know with you. But it i s not really a sin to drink occasionally. I can vividly remember my first time to drink the most coveted yet the most smothered drink of all in all teenagers- the alcohol. We the student council went to Bulacan Resort to have our first leadership training seminar. But the event doesn't only focus on seminars and talks. I was surprised that in the night, my co-officers brought a liquor. It is light, so i really dont mind being drunk or my co-officers being drunk either. WITH matching peer pressure, i was able to force to drink one shot. Ten another. Ten another. Until i almost have consumed a bottle. Needless to say i was not conscious of what i am doing. My officers the oter day tell me of what i am doing.They told mew that i was lifting my arm and waving it to nowhere. This is how i get drunk on my first encounter. I wouldn't do it again. And i will take alcohol less now!
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