First Kiss in my dreams

February 27, 2012 1:23pm CST
Well, I slept this afternoon and I dreamt about my crush. Actually I didn't see him in my dream in the beginning. But when I finally realize oh wow this is a dream, I had a great idea. Told myself si if this is a dream I can do anything I want. So that's what I did. I went into my crush's house, knocked at the door and looked for him.He showed up, handsome as usual. I held his hands, told him I missed him and we kissed on the lips. That's our first kiss and it's in a dream. Hahahaha.. How about you guys have you had a dream before that you were able to take full control of? Share some of your experiences here
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• Indonesia
28 Feb 12
Awwwwww u have nice dream.I ever had dream like u but i dream with my fav.singer.I really like him.In my dream i meet him,he hold my hand and we singing togheter.Its sooo romantic.IWhen am wake up i look at mirror ant i laugh..Have great day.
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• Philippines
28 Feb 12
Thanks! Yeah it's a nice feeling to dream of somebody you really like. Have a great day!