facebook addict?

@otoman (42)
February 28, 2012 3:09am CST
is there anyone here knows where to find a bot for tetris battle??
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• Philippines
17 Jan 13
I am afraid there is not enabled bot for FaceBook’s Tetris app. Well if you are the developer of the app. Then that’s possible but if you are just the average gamer then it’s not possible. Since the game is multiplayer generated, it needs another user to manipulate the gaming experience resulting that it needs human-enabled users to play the game.
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 12
i never played some games in facebook i always get the request from friend for playing a game but i never accept it
• India
1 Apr 12
welcome to mylot i have a face book account, i am not addicted to it at all, i visit the site once in a blue moon, also when some one adds me as a friend, i accept it.. Have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. . Thanks
@erjnsimon (1191)
• Makati, Philippines
28 Feb 12
you can find different softwares to do that in the internet. Most of them are easy to download and free. . :) . Just try harder on mylotting, don't cheat if you want to be a good player. :)