How to handle stress?

February 28, 2012 3:24pm CST
There are many ways to handle stress. Personally, I like to chill out, listen to music or read a book, it helps out a lot. Sometimes the best cure for a heavy amount of stress is to just take a time out and relax for a few minutes. How do you handle stress?
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@mdorki (125)
• Germany
28 Feb 12
It depends on the situation. Often I do as you said, listen to music, read a book. If I'm alone I often start swearing. I usually calm down in a few minutes and stop thinking of the things that stress me. If something or someone p*sses me off way too much and I lose my nerves I just start punching the wall or some other sturdy object that I'm sure I won't damage. Also, breathing exercise can help a lot, especially when combined with repetition of phrase - Everything is OK, the only thing that matters is breathing in and out.
28 Feb 12
I agree with the breathing exercise, they help a lot. Also, I too usually swear out loud, only when im alone though. The urge to throw things is usually stopped through swearing.
@luisaR (452)
• Philippines
29 Feb 12
I handle it same as yours... There is also one effective way for me, whenever I am, I go to places like home for the aged, a community for helpless people, a social welfare place, I bring little food and I just stare and watch them...and it sink in my mind that I am still luckier than most of them. It is stress but I am bigger than stress and this is something that I can deal and stress will eventually get tired dealing with me. It's good. ;-)
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
28 Feb 12
I used to just go shopping but in these hard times I have had to curb that one so these days I just go visit friends that I know who will lift me and make me forget the stresses of life even for just a short time.