Facebook on stalk!

February 28, 2012 9:40pm CST
ohh mY!!im using fb to see and checked on the guy i liked!this social network really helped me and make me inspired everytime i opened his account..but too sad he's out of reached and still haven't accepted my friend's request..sounds like im a net stalker!! but this is the only reason why i activated my fb account! you? what's your reason on opening your fb much often?
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@joystick (1680)
2 Mar 12
I feel that it is ok to see what other people are up to, as if they did not want people to know, then they would have not put it on their facebook wall for their friends to read.I do feel that there are people on there that are only on there for other people to look at other peoples lives, which are not friends with the person.
• India
1 Mar 12
Welcome to mylot and thanks for sharing. Yes I have face book account, i visit there rarely, have huge number of friends, just friends lol, no gf there. I visit only when there is a new friend request, accept it. Thanks for sharing Best of luck. Professor
@utopia96 (641)
• Indonesia
1 Mar 12
my reason,i use facebook to communicate with all my friends
29 Feb 12
actually that is not help me so much to improve my relation in the way i want that is bad think i refuse , not more friend never get let using face book only wasting my time
@celticeagle (120501)
• Boise, Idaho
29 Feb 12
Well, if I understood you correctly-- my reason for activating an account on Facebook was some of the ladies right here on Mylot. Several of the women on here at the time were talking about Facebook and I thought it would be fun. So I became a member and have been on several years now. I also met up with some old friends and my BFF is on there now. She lives out of state and it is nice to chat with her.
• Montreal, Quebec
29 Feb 12
I go on Facebook for many reasons. But I first started Facebook because my friends were bothering me to make a Facebook account so I can join them on the social network. I kind of regret doing that, because I'm addicted to it! But anyways back to my reasons... I talk with family and see what is happening with them. I found out I had family on the other side of the world thanks to Facebook! It's really cool. :) Like what you do, I also stalk peoples Facebook walls, I go on the people I like(really like) or the people i HATE(with a passion). So yes, I admit it too, I am a Facebook stalker. But if you think of it, everyone is a Facebook stalker; we all go on peoples walls, looking at there pictures and stuff and that person (the wall you are on) doesn't even know who was looking at his/her stuff! Unless you like or comment on something. Lol Another reason I go on Facebook is to play those addictive games by Zynga! I play Farmville, Cityville, Cafeworld, and now Hidden Chronicles. Zynga makes really addicting games! At one point that was all I used Facebook for. It was embarrassing; my FB wall was FILLED with gaming stuff alot of people commented and told me "YOU NEED HELP!!!!" Lol :P And now I go on facebook to check up on my new friends, I made recently (Real people not just those people you who add you but you don't even know who they are.) Sometimes I catch myself starring at the computer screen with Facebook open, That is what I mean by I am addicted! I just sit there waiting for someone to post something, Its very sad!!! LOL Hope this is what you are looking for, sorry for it being tooo long! :S
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
29 Feb 12
I am not so active there. I used to get notifications form facebook and then I will got to the site to view them and not so mad with it. You can wait for some time and let see whether he/she will accept your request...
@franne32 (695)
• Philippines
29 Feb 12
The only reason I use Facebook is to keep in touch with my family, relatives, and friends. I don't add any other person whom I'm not familiar with.
@vt689586 (585)
• India
29 Feb 12
oh very sad for you but i does not have any strong reason to open the facebook account. i just wanted to check why people are getting so crazy about this website.when i opened my account i was using only Orkut but my brother told me one day that facebook is social networking site which is far better than orkut and it is very and good to communicate facebook.
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
29 Feb 12
I use my facebook to communicate with my friends or to just relax after work or on days that I am off work. I do "stalk" people sometimes by looking at what they've been up to through their statuses, but no men lately!