whats the big deal with the olymics?

February 29, 2012 11:11am CST
every one is talking about the olymics which is in london this year. some people are paying thousands for a ticket. i peronally would not go if they paid me to. the thought of all those crowds and busy streets. it makes me stressed just thinking about it. i dont see what the big deal is or why someone would want to waste thousands on tickets.
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@yeobiz (6)
29 Feb 12
I agree.... I didn't apply for tickets nor would i have wanted to, we've spent an absolute fortune as a country on hosting the olymics and for what?!?!?! potentially the next white elephant to be left on londons skyline!!!!!
29 Feb 12
i know its bad isnt it. what do you mean by white elephant on londons skyline?