What effect does age have on you?

@ajalitus (127)
United States
February 29, 2012 9:49pm CST
A lot of people nowadays (at least around me) seem to worry about their age. If they're younger, they wished they were older. If they're older, they wished they were younger. I'm satisfied with the way I am. What do you think? What bearing does age have on you?
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• Philippines
1 Mar 12
Funny. Whenever, anybody asks about my age, I stop and pause. why? Because I do sometimes forget my age due to the many things that happen in my life. And begin not quick on subtraction of years also impede me in answering the question quickly. I guess the only worry I have concerning age is my health. I am very concerned that something will develop in my body that i could have prevented in reflection. I am not exactly a health buff but I try to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle. However, being a carefree person, I do indulge in things I shouldn't be doing. And perhaps on a personal note, I guess the only thing that makes me shake my head sometimes is when I compare myself from what I have been and what i am now. It's kinda nostalgic (at my age!) to see others growing and wondering what happened to the years. Time seems to fly so fast and sometimes, I am just overwhelmed to see and realize that.
@ajalitus (127)
• United States
1 Mar 12
Ya, I also forget my age when people ask me. I don't know why. I guess it's for numerous reasons and because my birthday isn't really emphasized as it might be for others. I think about my health from time to time but don't really dwell on it. I can't really say that my life is flying by fast, but it should if you're enjoying it.
@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
2 Mar 12
The disadvantage of being about 30 years old is that some people are pressuring me that I should do this and that just because I am at this age already. But good thing my boyfriend is my strong motivator that he can tell me age doesn't matter as long as you are not doing bad things I don't have to feel ashamed of what I am right now and as long as I am already doing my ways then of course that could be fine.
• China
2 Mar 12
I hope to have a baby before i'm 28 years old.So in fact i do be care my age.