Ying Yang

@Kotarei (141)
United States
March 1, 2012 2:02am CST
I've read a few different things online about the colour meanings but i'm just gonna come here and ask my fellow mylotters. what is the diffrential meanings behind the colors on the ying yang? I'm asking because i ordered a couple necklaces on ebay he other night and i'd like to keep the half that sounds like myself while i give the other to my fiance :)
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
1 Mar 12
It was explained to me a long time ago that Ying Yand is like black white, good bad, up down...in mood ying yand is how your mood is like a circle, goes around life is like a circle, good happy, and then bad and unhappy as it goes around in the circle, meaning one you may be feeling down but as the cirle turns things always changes, arounfd and around we go in the circl of life, there is always two sides so to speak...