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@leighz (457)
March 1, 2012 5:05pm CST
Hi Guys, I just want to share some things I found interesting about the places I've visited. How I appreciate people who kept their beliefs and tradition alive for the next generation to reflect and learn from. I'm from the Philippines and there's this island in Visayas that I never get tired of visiting. Bohol, is a fantastic place where people are so genuinely friendly and humble. My first memory of Bohol was when I was 11. We were invited at a family friend's house in Alborquerque. I met kids my age and younger, where they introduced me to dirt surfing their style, it was fun and exciting going down the hill riding a coconut leaf, not to mention the puzzled look I get from my mom at the end of the day. The "where have you been and what happened to you?" kind of look, was priceless. Every morning we go to the beach, that was the first time I've seen mangroves in the flesh. It was fascinating and fun swimming and playing "Tarzan" at the same time, although I did'nt like the part where we have to walk through the muddy shallow water, it's like some dangerous creature thrives in there. This was also when I learned an important lesson, not to play with a jelly fish. We were throwing it at each other like snow balls. Forgive me for the cruelty, but that was my first time to have seen one, they seemed so cute, soft and...itchy...we got the better out of it. And this is why it's really more fun in the Philippines. Kids can go for an adventure on their own. When I was 20 years old, me and my cousins went for a one week vacation, this time we stayed in Tagbilaran. I became more aware of how the locals live, staying true to their religious practice. One afternoon we went to the mall, to buy an electric mug, so we can cook instant noodles in our room. The salesman was showing us what they have available, when he suddenly excused himself and knelt with one knee. I thought, "Oh no, what just happened? will he be proposing?". I was amazed of how deeply religious and truely committed the people of Bohol are. Every 3pm, an announcement is made at the malls for the 3 o'clock prayer and everybody stops what they are doing, observing a moment of silence in prayer. The only time I see this in Manila, is during last full shows in movie theaters, wherein everybody stands up, paying our respects to the Philippine flag and the heroes who fought for our independence, while the national anthem plays. On my 26th birthday, I celebrated it with my mom and cousin in Panglao island, Bohol. We went around the island admiring its beauty and listened to the local's hardwork and perseverance. Most of the people in the area were OFW's that's why the houses are big and grand. The young men goes to nautical school in the hopes of having a better life for their family in future. While the beautiful maidens mostly marries a foreigner, this maybe a touchy subject, but they really have strong and successful marriages. Anyway, having good morals, respect for elders, being courteous, God-fearing and humble are good characteristics that we can embrace and learn from the people of Bohol. In the city, when someone we don't know smiles and greets us in the streets. We don't normally respond, rather we give them the "You're so strange" kind of look. We are progressively forgetting our courtesies. I hope that we get to show kindness, pleasantries and love...not just to Jeremy Lin or to KPOP artists, but to every single person we get to meet everyday. Let's keep a smile on our face to make the world better :)
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@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
2 Mar 12
How come in the first place you were playing with the jelly fish? Don't you have any idea that it is itchy? I went there to Bohol and I really like their tarsiers. I was able to touch it even if it is not allowed to do so. It is really a nice thing to appreciate the beauty of the Philippines especially the nature.
@leighz (457)
3 Mar 12
ahahaha good question, i don't know what I was thinking at that time. Yeah, the tarsiers are so cute, I strongly believe they should be left in their natural habitat. During my second visit, I've witnessed how they get aggressive when stressed out. They are nocturnal creatures and should be resting at daytime but for the sake of tourism they have to endure it.