The Monkeys

@sulsisels (1685)
United States
March 1, 2012 7:27pm CST
Well, another death. I read today that Davie Jones formally of the Monkeys died at age 66 from a massive heart attack. When I was just a little girl and this band popped up, I was instantly in love with Davie Jones and just knew that someday him and I would get married! My best childhood friend (and we are still friends today) used to play this game called "Girls" We would wear my Mom's high heels (I can still see them today, It was all about being grown up) We were no older than 7 or 8 and my Mom still talks about this today. She would stand outside my bedroom door and listen to us and she says that those were some of her best and funniest memories. She says that she was a little worried about our futures because the "Girls" always had a man, went to nightclubs and smoked and drank! In any case I was married to Davie Jones and Sue (my buddy) was married to Paul from the beatles of course! We lived out in the country and would play in the woods all day. We would make out with trees pretending that the tree was our husband! We both had sports cars (bicycles) and we would put on all this cheap makeup that her mom gave us. My mom said we looked like little jezabells! The "girls" were always jet setting all over the world and meeting men who would buy us cocktails! We had so much fun and would play all day long, until the street lights came on! When we were about 5 years old, Sue's mom would pin a note to her shirt that read Hello, my name is Sue, please tell me when it is 6:00 so I can go home for dinner!! We had a double wedding and got to Davie, Sue to Paul Our innocense and imagination were priceless my mom says.Such great childhood memories. Well, I guess I am going to call Sue tonight to tell her my hubby passed...If we were still young, we would have a very elaborate funeral!!! Oh, to be young again! RIP Davie Jones, see ya when I get up there!
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