Tender resignation from job with style.

March 1, 2012 7:39pm CST
I know one of the hardest part when we decided to resign from job is the resignation process, especially if we have nice,friendly and understanding boss in our company. Sometimes we must play drama or straight to the point when first time announce we will resign in short time. Maybe the first impression we would get not really good but if we can approach them well,for example has someone recommended to replace our position,everything should be working well..This happen to me many times, I always get nervous to tell my former boss and prepare anything I could prior resignation. Informal approach always working well and followed by sending formal resignation letter..how about you? Have you experience this problem? What is the best way to do resignation with style?
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@laniekins (4585)
• Philippines
8 Mar 12
I'm thinking of resigning in a few weeks, I want to study a short course. I really wanted to find another job that's why I need to study first. Yeah, your right, the hardest part for me is submitting your resignation letter and the conversation with your boss. I need to prepare on my reasons, it depends on your set-up. Me, I might give my resignation and then talk to him. I don't need more drama, the office is just one room without division. Good luck to us!
@larish (2195)
• Philippines
6 Mar 12
Yes, it is always best to informed the boss about my resignation casually then follow it with a formal letter. My style was just to be honest with my boss why I wanted to resign. Mostly, it was a career move...a better offer from another company.
@Metatronik (5911)
• Pasay, Philippines
2 Mar 12
I am actually curious that how come you need to resign? Are you going to another company already? It is really hard to leave the people especially if you know them for years already. Then for sure you will be having another adjustment in new company.
@ravisivan (14055)
• India
2 Mar 12
Resigning from one organisation is painful. People resign because of advantages they get on resigning or they get another job. It is better to talk frankly with the people and then resign. give required notice.