Closed Circuits are Everywhere

March 2, 2012 4:42am CST
In Schools and Colleges, on popular websites, everywhere including in open societies, there are closed formations of a few who take all the benefits available at the place, leaving nothing for others. This pains me as justice gets derailed due to such closed circuits of people around those who matter. I had been posting my best articles on a paying website from the revenue collected through advertisements, it worked well for 2/3 months. But now even with improvements in my articles, my revenue is stooping down while a few are flourishing on the site. Thus, I have been moving from site to site for finding good readership and revenue, it works well for some time, and comes to a naught in due course. I think, for revenues and satisfaction from my writings, I must concentrate on my blogs only where there shall be no close circuits to corner the hard works of others. What do you think, friends?
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